Can Kanye cut it? Yeezy season 4 showdown

Last week saw the larger-than-life-of Pablo brand aka Mr West took too the deserted small pox hospital on Roosevelt island to give the fashion world another controversial spectacle and subsequently offend them. In true Kardashian- Jenner style, Kendall & Kylie gave us all

Girls Accessories and Sunglasses for UK Summer Festivals 2016 – What You Need To Know

Summer's here (in theory at least) and festival madness will soon be upon us. 2016 promises to be a vintage year for UK festivals too, with Muse, Adele, and Coldplay headlining Glastonbury, The Stone Roses, Calvin Harris, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers at T in the Park, pretty muc

Fashion Blogger Christmas Q&A

As Christmas is fast approaching, we wanted to ask a few of our favourite fashion bloggers a couple of questions about what would make their ideal Christmas. Four lovely girls got back to us and here’s what they had to say:       First we spoke to the gorgeous

Our Black Friday Wish-List:

Right, time to draw up our wish lists and cross our fingers that the Black Friday sales are kind to us! Do you remember Black Friday last year? We certainly do. It was like we had caught shopping fever.   Like most people, we already have a secret wish list in mind. Admittedly,

Halloween Competition RoundUp

The MIX's Haunting Halloween Giveaway. During October we ran a spooky Halloween competition that gave all of our followers the chance to win a pair of sunglasses every day for 10 days. Halloween is one of our favourite times of year, the decorations are awesome, the sweets are

Halloween Costumes Inspired By Sunglasses!

October 31st draws near, so we’ve come up with a couple of helpful suggestions inspired by our latest collection of sunglasses to get your in the mood for All Hallows' Eve. Catwoman   She’s one of our favourite anti-heroines and that makes her a devilish option fo

If I could be a character from a scary movie, I would be………

Hmmm.... now we have a dilemma ladies! Who to choose? You know it's not always true that females play the victim in scary movies. - In fact, many of the most successful horror movies over the years have featured strong women who always make it to the end of the film, alive and u

#5SFS Competition RoundUp

At the beginning of September we ran an Instagram competition that gave our followers the chance to win a pair of the MIX sunglasses every day for five days.   The competition was so popular so by popular demand we ran the competition for another five days which meant we

What to wear for Bestival´s Summer Of Love

Bestival is upon us! And this year´s theme of “The Summer of Love” allows us to channel that inner flower child, throw off the corporate chains of convention and, most importantly, dress like a hippy. So crack open those psychedelic flares you´ve been saving for a grey day,

5 Shades for September

After a flipping miserable August, we've heard on the grapevine that we're due an Indian Summer. Think ice creams on the beach, picnics in the park, and still being able to wear those lovely sandles you bought in June all the way into September. Enjoy the last rays of sunshi

the MIX’s Guide to Notting Hill Carnival

Some call it the final foray of summer. Some, the Bank Holiday Bonanza. Either way it's the last real bank holiday of the year, and it's this time every year when the Notting Hill Carnival takes place in London. It's time to shake your booty and get into the jamboree spirit acco

12 Things You Do After You Receive Your Exam Results

The big day has arrived, and now it’s time to let go and revel in your new-found freedom. Good or bad, feel the relief and celebrate your day with some of our top tips on what you could do after you’ve received your exam results. Hug Your Friends If your results were gr

the MIX Instagram Spotlight

Every fashionista worth her salt is on Instagram, styling herself out. We’ve got our eye on the ‘gram and have put together a list of hotshots that inspire us. We think they’ve got their style game down.   Finery London   This new label hailing from the Big

12 Things We’ve All Done At Festivals (And Shouldn’t Have)

It wouldn’t be a British summer if it wasn’t filled with festival-based regret. Hopefully you’ll remember to pick up your dignity on your way out, but don’t worry too much - what happens at a festival, stays at a festival. Here are 12 things we’ve all done, and shouldn

11 ‘90s Trends We Hope Won’t Come Back To Haunt Us

The 90s weren’t all bad. They gave us Kate Moss, Friends, and The Spice Girls. You might be on the fence with that last one. The ‘90s has plenty more to apologise for, too. Read on for some 90s trends and items that we pray won’t come back to destroy us.   1. Body Gl

Sunnies After Your Own Heart

Looking to make a statement? Wear them with the right attitude, and heart-shaped sunglasses can be anything from a playful wink to the equivalent of flipping the proverbial bird. It’s all about how you style it out.     These beauties were born in the 1950s - a d

11 Childhood Items That Need To Come Back In Our Lives

What better way to enjoy the summer than to kick it old school? Those of you going to the Secret Garden Party festival will be doing just that, thanks to their 'childish things' theme - which is the inspiration for this week's blogpost. These childhood items phased out way too so

The Monthly MIX: July

Last month we told you summer was on the way. Well, here it is. We’ve put together some ice cool tracks to keep you going through this unprecedented heatwave and beyond.   Lianne La Havas, Don’t Wake Me Up (Live in LA)   London-born Lianne La Havas has a smo

An Eye For The Cateye

Any girl who isn’t basic has a pair of cateyes in her collection. They’re a perfect balance of fun and sophistication, and give a playful edge to high fashion. Oh, and they’re the perfect size for hiding hangovers and defending the world from your awful eyebrow days.  

Fashion Trends From the 70s That Your Mum Used to Wear

From big, big hair to tie-dye and diamante rhinestones on flares, fashion in the 1970s was an unpredictable rollercoaster with cringe-worthy lows and trippy highs. She might not show it now, but these are the fashion trends your mum wore. You go girl.   The Hippie Look Si

The Monthly MIX: June

Music, shades and summer go together like a spoon in some nutella. The coats are off (with clothes underneath), the sunnies are on and summer is definitely on the way. To get y'all in the mood we've created a playlist that you can roll aroud in the grass to (oo-er) and / or

The Best Things Come In Pairs

The Best Things That Come In Pairs...   Good things come in pairs. Batman is nothing without Robin. Mario needs Luigi. Pizza without pepperoni is a barren wasteland of cheese, tomato and dough. Without Jerry, Ben is just a guy with a bunch of milk. Here are 10 things

who are the MIX?

the MIX was born of a love of effortless style. We’re the home of trends on the edge and fashion classics you can’t live without. When the mood strikes us, we’ll remix the two together, too. We specialise in brand and bespoke sunglasses - the knockout punch of any outfit